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You have identified Brazil as a new market opportunity but how do you make sure it's worthwhile?

Like many growth-minded entrepreneurs, you are looking to expand your business and reach out to a new market. But in today's competitive business environment, you want to make informed decisions.

What are the benefits of a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is recommended when expanding internationally. It can be extremely helpful to companies seeking concrete information on their industry, competitors, and market opportunities. BRAANZ Consulting provides solid information in key areas to help you uncover potential obstacles and prepare to overcome them. A detailed marketing plan will answer questions like these:


  • What prices do your competitors charge?
  • What is a realistic assessment of the sales you can expect?
  • What will your product cost to produce/import and distribute?


  • What is your product's competitive advantage?
  • What are the product trends in your industry?


  • What marketing strategies do your competitors use?
  • Which market segment will you target? What are the best strategies for that segment?
  • Where should you prioritise your marketing efforts? How will that evolve as your profits increase?


  • What is the prime selling location for your product?
  • What type of distribution is most suitable?


  • How big is your target market?
  • What is your expected penetration of that market?
  • What obstacles must you overcome to reach your customers?
  • What are your customers' spending habits and preferences?


  • What are the key sales statistics for your industry?

How can BRAANZ help your company?

With a locally based Brazilian network, we can provide the following services:

  • Market assessment (an analysis of the major trends, competitors, and strategies for your industry)
  • Marketing strategy (a step-by-step plan for meeting your marketing objectives, based on your company's strengths and weaknesses)
  • Targeted sales strategy (pricing, sales and distribution channels, account penetration)
  • Communications strategy (promotional strategy, public relations)

These services can be used to support your company as it:

  • Implements an arrangement with a local distribution network or creates its own Brazilian distribution network
  • Evaluates the most effective points of sale/service
  • Expands into Brazil on either a nationalised or more geographically pointed basis
  • Launches a product into Brazil (including price, distribution pipeline, negotiation with manufacturers, culture-specific promotional material)
  • Organizes a local sales team (with accurate and attainable sales objectives by salesperson or area)

Why choose BRAANZ Consulting?

Local Knowledge: Being based in and exposed to Brazilian markets as well as having substantial experience with developed Western markets markets offers us a unique insight into the potentials and pitfalls of expanding your business into Brazil. Our backgrounds lend us to be able to relate well with people from English speaking countries.

Networking: Our network of professionals are skilled at striking a balance between quality, price, efficiency and results. We work with other professional services to identify the best way in which to operate your business model for Brazil.

Focus: Promoting business self-sufficiency and success at an affordable cost. Hiring workers full time and organising offices are very expensive in Brazil. You do not have to relocate expatriate staff to the market. Essentially our team can be viewed by your customers in the Brazilian market as your company's team.

Peace of Mind: We give confidence to the Brazilian customer that there is always someone that can help them in market, in the Portuguese language. We are available 24/7 for our clients.

Legal Requirements: We can help a company establish themselves and fulfill requirements for a Brazilian based Director or Administrator and address.

Latest News

  • Carrefour


    18th July, 2017

    Grupo Carrefour Brasil SA's initial public offering could price at the bottom of a suggested price range later on Tuesday, reflecting concern over too stretched a valuation for Brazil's biggest supermarket chain, three people familiar with the matter said.

  • Soy bags line a field in Mato Grosso


    4th July, 2017

    Brazilian farmers are discovering a downside to becoming one of the world’s top producers of soybeans: they’re running out of room to store all the unsold supply.

  • JBS logo


    20th June, 2016

    Meatpacker JBS today unveiled a R$6 billion (US$1.8 billion) divestment plan, putting dairy, poultry and cattle feeding assets on the block to cut debt after a corruption scandal raised concerns about its financing costs.

  • Paulo Cesar Silva

    19th June, 2017


    Paulo Cesar Silva, chief executive officer at Embraer SA, discusses the impact of political turmoil in Brazil, progress made on the E195 Mark 2 aircraft, and the potential for aircraft deals with Iran. He speaks with Bloomberg's Guy Johnson from the Paris Air Show on "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)


  • Daihatsu Sirion


    14th June, 2017

    Daihatsu Motors said today it plans to launch compact cars in Brazil, as parent company Toyota Motor Corp looks to its minicar subsidiary to help it expand in emerging markets and produce lower-cost, quality vehicles.

  • Bovespa


    17th April, 2017

    Economic activity in Brazil grew in February at the fastest pace since January 2010, a central bank indicator showed on Monday, in the strongest sign yet that Latin America's largest economy is emerging from a two-year recession.

  • Fortaleza Airport


    17th March, 2017

    The federal government raised R$3.72 billion (US$1.2 billion) with the concession of four Brazilian airports yesterday (Thursday 16th March). The result was better than initial estimates of R$3.014 billion (US$972 million), achieving a 23% premium for the actual results.

  • Salvador Airport


    10th March, 2017

    Brazil is confident of strong investor turnout at an auction next week for the rights to run four airports, two government sources said on Friday, with at least nine operators showing appetite for one of the first in a wave of privatizations.

  • Science lab


    8th February, 2017

    Institutes and researchers will be exempt from paying import duties when purchasing materials for research and technological development in 2017.