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When faced with change, many businesses don't have time to sit down, plan and strategise. That's when the perspective of a consultant can help you create a strategic plan to help keep your business on course in new or unfamiliar territory. By addressing your priorities, a consultant helps you identify your goals and challenges, and provides you with practical and measurable steps for achieving them. A plan can help answer these questions:

  • What do you need to make sure your business grows in Brazil?
  • Are your goals in line with the realities of your industry?
  • Does every aspect of your company contribute to reaching your business goals?

What are the benefits of a strategic plan?

A strategic planning exercise can help your business:

  • Be ready for the change of an expanding new export market
  • Gain a snapshot of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in Brazil
  • Seize business opportunities that fit your mission and vision, and avoid those that don't
  • Know the threats and opportunities that can impact on your plans
  • Increase cooperation as employees focus on common goals
  • Improve efficiency to help you meet your objectives
  • Manage and maintain a consistent growth
  • Have a plan to overcome problems before they come up

How can BRAANZ help you with your strategic plan?

BRAANZ puts the benefits of strategic planning within the reach of all businesses. Your company can implement a plan that addresses your company's expansion into Brazil as a whole, a single department, or a particular aspect of your operations. BRAANZ offers individual consulting depending on your needs, budget, and time constraints.

A strategic planning exercise usually takes 1 to 3 months to complete. By the end of that time, your company may have a solid plan in place that includes:

  • Analysis of your current opportunities in Brazil
  • Definition of your objectives in entering the Brazilian market
  • Action plan to reach your goals
  • Budget for your expansion
  • Strategies for communicating the plan internally

Why choose BRAANZ Consulting?

Local Knowledge: Being based in and exposed to Brazilian markets as well as having substantial experience with developed Western markets markets offers us a unique insight into the potentials and pitfalls of expanding your business into Brazil. Our backgrounds lend us to be able to relate well with people from English speaking countries.

Networking: Our network of professionals are skilled at striking a balance between quality, price, efficiency and results. We work with other professional services to identify the best way in which to operate your business model for Brazil.

Focus: Promoting business self-sufficiency and success at an affordable cost. Hiring workers full time and organising offices are very expensive in Brazil. You do not have to relocate expatriate staff to the market. Essentially our team can be viewed by your customers in the Brazilian market as your company's team.

Peace of Mind: We give confidence to the Brazilian customer that there is always someone that can help them in market, in the Portuguese language. We are available 24/7 for our clients.

Legal Requirements: We can help a company establish themselves and fulfill requirements for a Brazilian based Director or Administrator and address.

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