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20th February, 2013

A survey released by Jato Dynamics confirmed that Brazil, with growth of 6.1% of registrations last year, remained as the fourth largest automobile market in the world, behind only China, the United States and Japan.

In 2012, there were 3.63 million cars sold in Brazil, a result stimulated by government incentives, rebates on tax on industrialized products (IPI), which are being phased out in the first half of this year.

Even without including sales of light commercial vehicles China remains handily the largest car market in the world with 16.4 million vehicles sold in 2012, almost two million more the United States where 14.5 million cars were sold last year. In Japan, the third largest global automotive market, car sales grew 27.6% to a total of 5.32 million units.

The survey still shows most major European markets are declining, affected by the crisis in the region. Sales in Germany fell 3.1% to 3.3 million units, however the country remained in fifth place, behind Brazil. France fell by 13.3% in sales to 2.28 million cars, and lost their eighth position to Britain, which contrary to the European recession, managed to grow 3.8%. Likewise, Italy where registrations fell 21% lost tenth place to Canada.

Looking at brands, Toyota overtook the Volkswagen was market leader in 2012 with a growth of 24.1% in sales, a total of 6.3 million cars. Volkswagen grew by 11.1% to 5.65 million cars sold worldwide, but slipped to second position. Following this was Ford selling 4.8 million cars and Chevrolet with 4.3 million units.

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