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Taxistas protestam


10th May, 2016

After a day of gridlock caused by taxi protests in the city of São Paulo, the Mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, signed on Tuesday a decree authorising individual transport services, like Uber, in São Paulo. The measure will be published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday.

 According to Haddad, the regulation benefits about 5000 registered drivers that are currently registered with transport apps like Uber. With the decree signed by Haddad, companies like Uber can ' buy credits ' to operate in the city of São Paulo. The credit will be charged per kilometer and the average charge will be 10 centavos(US$0.035), and may vary by time and place. The new regulations cover paid apps and carpools. A carpool driver does not need to have any special license under the new regulations.

For paid transportation apps, the application must be accredited with City Hall and the ride can be shared by up to four people. It will be necessary to issue an electronic tax receipt to the passenger, in addition to providing the driver's name, numberplate, directions, work hours and allow the user to evaluate the ride. The driver must be certified by Condutax (ie. Have a license to be a taxi driver) or have equivalent driving courses.

For carpooling, the driver may not be a professional driver and may not charge for profit, but rather must just split the cost of the trip.

In response to the taxi drivers ' dissatisfaction with the regulation, Haddad said cabbies will disappear if Uber is not regulated and stated that there is room for everyone in the city of São Paulo. He also said the city will allow taxis in left hand side bus lanes all day, even in peak hours, if the driver is carrying passengers. In the bus lanes to the right, taxis can use them all day even without passengers.

Source: Veja (Portuguese)

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