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Everything about Brazil is big. It's the 5th largest country & 8th largest economy in the world, has a population of almost 200 million people and is Latin America's economic and industrial powerhouse. Brazil is a world leader in agriculture, biofuels, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing and engineering sectors. It also has a quickly growing middle class driving substantial local demand in the retail, hospitality and service industries. Against this background, Brazil offers huge opportunities for companies looking to grow their international markets.

Brazil is a country greatly shaped by its diverse culture and geography. The largest country in South America in both population and area, Brazil is known for its agricultural production of sugar, coffee, soy beans, orange juice and beef. The culture is a thriving fusion of Portuguese, African, European and indigenous Indian influences, all of which have left their mark on Brazilian society resulting in a rich, distinct culture. Brazilian culture is known for its hospitality, openness and colourful and rhythmic events such as Carnival.

The last decade has seen Brazil open up its economy to foreign markets and investment making it the 8th largest economy in the world.  That growth is predicted to continue and springboard the country past Italy, the UK & France to make it the 5th largest economy within 10 years. Brazil also benefits from its position as the gateway to the Mercosul market. Business relationships developed in Brazil can often be extended to this market.

A strong diversified economy and unique culture make doing business in Brazil an exciting but often challenging endeavour. Understanding Brazilian business culture and etiquette is therefore essential for successfully doing business in Brazil. Braanz Consulting will help you to navigate the language, cultural and bureaucratic barriers your business will face as you capitalise on this large, growing and exciting market.

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